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  • My room in acrylic

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  • supersonicart:

    Olivia Knapp’s Hand Drawn Engravings.

    Olivia Knapp’s illustration style is directly influenced by European engravings of the 16th and 17th centuries but Olivia keenly infuses contemporary eye candy into the detailed works.  See more below!

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  • Victor Hugo, Les Misérables  (via marooned926)
  • "To depict a battle we need a painter with chaos in his brush."
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    can we pls talk about these badass iranian women who play professional football in a country where women are literally banned from entering football stadiums


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  • some more of it

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  • so i stumbled upon some scribbler thing…and it was so much fun..

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  • diviani:


    The title says, “Swag” and the chain says, “YOLO”. No idea who or where the artist is from, but it made me smile. 

    Priyesh Trivedi, 23. The series is called Adarsh Balak.

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    So TRUE… Dead Poets Society (1989)

    One of quotes I use often 

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